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Ma, Sicong

Sicong Ma(1912-1987), Chinese composer and violinist. He was referred to in China as "The King of Violinists", he studied at the Paris Conservatory. Upon returning to China, he was appointed president of the newly established Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing in 1949. During "Cultural Revolution" he and his family moved to US, he died in 1987. He composed violin pieces such as "Nostalgia", "Inner Mongolia Suite" , "Lullaby", "Tibet tone poem", etc-most favorite pieces of 20th century in China. 馬思聰(1912年5月7日-1987年5月20日),中國廣東海豐縣人,中國作曲家、小提琴家與音樂教育家。被譽為「中國小提琴第一人」。他於1937年創作的《思鄉曲》,被認為是中國20世紀的音樂經典之一。 馬思聰早年曾赴法國巴黎求學,並在後來考入了法國的巴黎音樂學院,主修小提琴。1932年初,馬思聰由法國回到中國,並在同一年與王慕理結婚。此後陸續創作了《搖籃曲》《綏遠組曲》《西藏音詩》《牧歌》等多部著名音樂作品。1949年12月,馬思聰被中華人民共和國政務院任命為中央音樂學院的首任院長。 1966年6月,文化大革命開始後,馬思聰遭到了造反派的批鬥。1967年1月15日晚,馬思聰與夫人王慕理、次女馬瑞雪和兒子馬如龍出走香港,後由美國駐香港領事陪同飛抵美國。同年5月,在康生和謝富治的示意下成立的「馬思聰專案組」(又名「002號專案組」)開始對馬思聰出走的經過進行調查,株連馬家親屬數十人。1968年,馬思聰被定為「叛國投敵分子」,這一罪名直至1985年才得以平反。 1987年5月,馬思聰在美國接受心臟手術時手術失敗,於5月20日逝世於美國費城,享年75歲。

Ma, Yo-yo

Yo-yo Ma(1955- ), Chinese/American cellist, virtuoso and winner of multiple Grammy Awards, born into a music family, mother(singer), father(violinist), learned to play violin, viola and cello at young age, chose cello for further study, attended Juilliard Music School and graduated from Harvard University, played in the Marlboro Music Festival under Pablo Casals. He is considered one of the revered cellists of the modern age. 馬友友(Yo-Yo Ma,1955年10月7日 -)是一位大提琴演奏家,為法國出生的華裔美國人,曾獲得多座葛萊美獎。包括2013年第55屆葛萊美獎。 馬友友的祖籍是浙江省寧波鄞縣(現鄞州)。他的祖父是一名地主;父親馬孝駿為音樂教育學博士,同時也是作曲家兼指揮家,曾任南京中央大學教授;母親盧雅文則是國立中央大學藝術系畢業的聲樂女歌手。

Maachi, Ali

Ali Maachi(1927-1958), Algerian composer.

Maazel, Loren

Lorin Maazel(1930-), American conductor/violinist, born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, of American parents; raise in Los Angeles and Pittsburgh, studied conducting, violin and piano, at the University of Pittsburgh, joined Pittsburgh Symphony as violinist. He served as music director of the Berlin Oper and Radio Symphony, then music director of Cleveland Orchestra, and Vienna State Opera. He will be the next music director of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, 2012-13.

MacDowell, Edward

Edward A. MacDowell(1860-1908), American composer, studied at the Paris Conservatory first, then at the Hoch Conservatory in Frankfort, later taught there; returning to US and taught at Boston and Columbia universities, served as president of the Society of American Musicians and Composers. He composed 2 piano concertos, orchestral music, and piano pieces.

Machaut, Guillaume de

Guillaume de Machaut (or Machault)(c. 1300-1377), French poet and composer, he was the foremost figure of the 14th century of France in arts, his poetic output was extensive; he composed in a wide range of styles and forms. He is a part of musical movement known as the ars nova. His music compositions are numerous including ballads, motets and masses.

Machin, Antonio

Antonio Machin(1903-1977), Cuban singer and musician. His parents emigrated to Cuba from Galicia, Spain. He sang Ava Maria by Schubert, from that day on he was determined to become a singer. In Havana, he joined several singing groups-trios, quartets.. In 1935 he moved to Europe, singing in London, Paris, and Madrid. He settled in Madrid and remained there until his death. He is best known for singing El Manisero, Dos gardenas, Madrecita, and Angelitos negros. ****** Click Older Posts to continue

Madeira, Jean

Joan Madeira(1924- ), American mezzo-soprano, studied at St, Louis, New York and Vienna, made her debut at Met in 1948 and became a member of Met, later as a member of Vienna State Opera, sang in La Scala, Covent Garden, Munich and Bayreuth. ** The stamp shown her role in opera "Carmen".

Madetoja, Leevi

Leevi Madetoja(1887-1947), Finnish composer, studied at the University of Helsinki under Sibelius, then went to Paris, Vienna and Berlin; returning to Finland and conducted the Helsinki Philharmonic and taught at the Music Academy, he composed 2 operas, symphonic poems, chamber music and songs.

Magomayev, Muslim

Muslim Magomayev(1885-1937), Azerbjiani composer and conductor, largely self-taught, he began his career as a violinist, then conducted the Music Theater in Baku. He composed operas and symphonic poems. The stamp shown is a scene from his opera "Nargiz".

Mahler, Gustav

Gustav Mahler(1860-1911), Austrian composer and conductor **********************For more Mahler stamps: Please Click Here to view

Maiboroda, Heorhiy

Heorhiy Maiboroda(1913-1992), Ukrainian composer, studied at the Gliere College of Music in Kiev, after graduating, he taught there from 1952-1958. In 1967-1968 he was head of the Composers Union of Ukraine. He composed operas.

Maksakova, Maria Petrovna

Maria Petrovna Maksakova(1902-1974), Soviet mezzo-soprano. From 1923 to 1953 she was a soloist at the Bolshoi Theater, she also sang at the Leningrad Theater of Opera and Ballet. She was awarded "People's Artist of the USSR(1971)".

Mancini, Henry

Henry Mancini(1924-1994), American conductor, composer and arranger, learned to play piccolo from his father at young age, attended the Juilliard School of Music, but interrupted due to the war and served in US Army. Upon discharge, he engaged in music as a career to compose film scores for Hollywood, he conducted several orchestras. He is best remembered for his film and television scores(Pink Panther), he received a number of Grammy Awards.

Mongore(Barrios), Agustin

Agustin Barrios Mangore(1885-1944), also known as Barrios, Paraguayan guitarist and composer, learned to play guitar at young age, attended the Asuncion University at the age of 15, he composed over 300 songs with his own lyrics.

Manolov, Emanuil

Emanuil Manolov(1860-1902), Bulgarian composer, he is considered to be one of the founders of the Bulgarian professional musical culture. He composed the first Bulgarian opera "Sironmahkinia". His works are very popular in the genres of the Kitka and the songs.

Manolov, Khristo

Khristo Manolov (1900-1958), Bulgarian composer. The stamp shown is a scene from his ballet "The Dragon's Wedding".

Mantici, Enrique

Enrique Gonzalez Mantici(1912-1974), Cuban violinist and composer, he studied at the Moscow Conservatory, played violin for the Orchestra Sinfonica de La Havana. In 1961 he was appointed director of the Orchestra Sinfonica National, later professor at the Escuela National de Art. He composed violin concerto, cello concerto, and chamber music.

Mantzaros, Nikolaos

Nikolaos Halikiopoulos Montzaros(1795-1872), Greek composer, he was of noble decent, coming from one of the most important and wealthy families. He learned music from his native teachers, he presented his first composition in 1815. From 1819 he visited Italian cities(Naples, Venice, Bologna, Milan) and met composer Zingerilla. His best known composition is the Greek national anthem which was adopted from one of his works.

Marceneiro, Alfredo

Alfredo Marceneiro(1891-1982), original name "Alfredo Rodrigues Duarte", Portuguese fado singer, with a singular voice. He was awarded "Commander of the Order of Infante D. Henrique".

Merchena, Enrique de

Enrique de Marchena(1908-1988), Dominican musician, studied law at the Dominican National University, but at the same time he studied music at the Liceo Musical of Ciudad Trujillo, he was one of the founders of the Symphonic Society. In 1945 he was appointed general director of the Fine Arts and vice Provost at the University of Cuidad Trujillo.

Marfany, Mossen Enric

Mossen Enric Marfany(1877-1957), Spanish priest, organist and composer, he served as organist at the Parish of Bridges, and St. Mary of Puigcerda. He composed the national anthem of Andorra, and composed religious music for organ and choir.

Maric, Ljubica

Ljubica Maric(1909-2003), Serbian composer, considered to be one of the most original composers to emerge from Yugoslavia, a pupil of Stolcer-Slavinski. She was known for being inspired by Byzantine Orthodox church music. She was professor at the faculty of music in Belgrade and member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Marinkovic, Josif

Josif Marinkovic(1851-1931), Serbian composer, he studied music in the Organ School of Prague, 1973-81. The he taught music in Belgrade, also in Vienna. He acted as precentor of the Belgrade Choral Society, and other choral societies. He often used folk melodies in his compositions, he composed choral music, solo songs and church music.

Markson, Gehard

Gerhard Markson - German conductor, principle conductor of the Irish RTE National Symphony Orchestra from 2001 - 2009. He is set though, to return as a guest conductor.

Martin, Frank

Frank Martin(1890-1974), Swiss composer, studied mathematics and science before embarking music as a career, studied privately with various composers(Richard Strauss, Mahler, Debussy and Schoenberg), later taught at Cologne, members of the Academy of Saint Cecilia in Rome, and Vienna Academy of Music. He composed orchestral and ballet music.

Martin y Soler, Vicente

Vicente Martin y Soler(1754-1806), Spanish composer of opera and ballet, during his own day he was compared favorably with his contemporary, Mozart, as a composer of buffa opera. He has been called the Valencian Mozart. He studied in Bologna, and traveled to Naples, Vienna, St. Petersburg, and London, his operas received great successes. But they are relatively obscure today.

Martinelli, Giovanni

Giovanni Martinelli(1885-1969), Italian tenor, studied in Milan, debut in 1906 as the messenger in Aida, La Scala debut in 1912, then sang in Covent Garden, London; NY Met, Chicago Lyric Opera, his most important roles were Radames, Canio, Otello, and Eleazar(La Juive).

Martinu, Bohuslav

Bohuslav Martinu(1890-1959), Czech composer, studied at the Prague Conservatory and Prague Organ School, went to Paris, Lisbon to continue his studies, visited US and taught at Tanglewood and Curtis Institute, but he left there and became professor at the American Academy in Rome. The last two years of his life were spent in Switzerland. He composed operas, ballet music, orchestral and chamber music.

Mascagni, Pietro

Pietro Mascagni(1863-1945), Italian composer, studied in Livorno first, then entered Milan Conservatory, conducted a touring opera company, later served as director of La Scala replacing Toscanini in 1929, he composed mainly operas - Cavalleria Rusticana, Iris(Japanese story), and symphonic poem.

Masciagelo, Francisco

Francisco Masciangelo(1823-1906), Italian composer, he studied at the Naples Conservatory. He was missed to be the head of that conservatory due to various reasons in favor of others. He composed operas and religious music.

Massenet, Jules

Jules Massenet(1842-1912), French composer, studied at the Paris Conservatory; won the Prix de Rome in 1863 and studied in Rome; returned to Paris and taught at the Paris Conservatory from 1878 until his death. His operas were successful and gaining popularity throughout in France, Italy and US during his time. He composed operas(Manon, Thais, Don Quixote.. etc), incidental music, and orchestral suites.

Mastyuk, Victor

Victor Mastyuk(1852-1912), Ukrainian priest and composer, he composed primarily in the style of the Ukrainian folk music songs, he also composed musical comedies, he issued two didactic songbooks for youth.

Mata, Julio

Julio Mata(1899- ), Costa Rican composer, studied at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Returning to Costa Rica he became the first cellist of the National Symphony, and director of the military band in San Jose. He composed light operettas,songs, choral music and marches.

Matacic, Lovro von

Lovro von Matacic(1899-1985), Croatian conductor, a member of the Vienna Boys Choir, then studied at the Vienna Academy of Music, conducted in Germany, Yugoslavia, Japan and Monte Carlo, also conducted Cologne Opera, Vienna State Opera, and Zagreb Opera.

Matos, Manuel Garcia

Manuel Garcia Matos(1912-1974), Spanish folklorist and musicologist. He studied violin, piano, flute, and composition. He collected more than 10,000 folk music. In 1945 he received the National Award for Folklore , and became a professor at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid. He made an anthology of folk music of Spain.

Mauersberger, Rudolf

Rudolf Mauersberger(1889-1971), German choir conductor and composer, he taught at Aachen and Eisenbach, then became director of the renowned Kreuzchor in Dresden in 1930. He served as cantor of the famous Dresden Kreuzchor. His first tour of US in 1935 was a resounding success. He composed hymns and songs.

Maximilian, Velimir

Velimir Maximilian(1882-1959), Romanian actor and singer, he sang mainly in operettas.

McCormack, John

John McCormack(1884-1945), Irish tenor, after winning the National Irish Festival competition, went to Milan for further study, made his opera debut in Savona, Italy in 1908. The following year he started his career as opera singer and sang in Covent Garden, Metropolitan Opera, Boston, Chicago and Australia. Capacity crowds filled concert halls during his farewell tour of US in 1937.

Mehta, Zubin

Zubin Mehta(1936- ), American conductor, Born in India, studied piano and violin as a child, entered Vienna Academy, taking conducting lesson, in 1958 won the International Conducting Competition at Liverpool, and launched conducting career; conducted Vienna, Montreal, Los Angeles symphony orchestras, New York Philharmonic, and Israel Philharmonic, currently guest conducting world wide.

Mehul, Etienne

Etienne-Nicolas Mehul(1763-1817), French composer, one of the great masters of French operas, studied at the convent in Givet, then in Paris, inspector of the Conservatory and member of the Academie. He composed over 20 operas and stage works. His symphonic techniques finds echos in the music of Beethoven and Mendelssohn, both of whom admired Mehul's music.

Meitus, Yuliy

Yuliy Sergeievitch Meitus(1903-1997), Soviet/Ukrainian composer, he studied at the conservatory in Harkowsk. His music style was based on the Ukrainian folk music. He composed operas, ballet music, and other orchestral music. He was awarded: "People's Artist of the Ukrainian SSR(1973)".

Mekawy, Sayed

Sayed Mekawy(1927-1997), Egyptian singer and composer, he was popular in Egypt and the Arab world; his music has become part of Arab heritage, he remained undaunted by modern innovations and the attempts of rivals to produce another type of music. He composed operettas, and songs.